Joe Sala is an award winning poet.
Information about his poetry book and screenplay is forthcomming.

Angel of Compassion

Her unutterable presence cradled my soul,
My heart nestled, pressed against her bosom.

Her every beat and pulsation was of love and compassion.

Though suffused and imbued by her luminescence and radiance,
I knew this was only the prelude.

She gestured for me to join her on a journey.
In a flash we were at the bedside of a mother
Grieving the sudden death of her young son. “Why, God? Why?
He was only four – his life not yet begun.”
She screamed in agony, heart bleeding, quelling profanity.

The angelic one originated a dirge; the elegy was not for my discernment.
The angel seemed to hug the mother’s lamentation,
Saturating each wound and trauma with compassion.

Our journey was long and arduous from an execution, to a suicide,
To a starving child, to those immersed in depression.

Before our journey ended, I asked,
“Why don’t we always reap what we sow and sow what we reap?
And why has the divine universe turned its face on so many?”

She cradled my soul and whispered, “Look within.”

Her every beat and pulsation was of love and compassion.

-Joe Sala

From Dawn To Twilight

The shimmer and luster
of this glistening illusion
beguiles us from attuning to
our intrinsic empyreal nature.

-Joe Sala

Quiet Isolations

In my quiet isolations the truth echoes in my ears.
The mysteries of life shade the sun and coerce me,
wondering, when will justice ever come.
I dance with my fears and again before long
the truth echoes in my ears.
I laugh at the paradox of it all
and then anguish and torment every detail of my last fall.
Is destiny the answer, or are we really the cause of it all.
Perhaps they flow together, balancing and adjusting life’s matter.
Whatever the season or behavior, it all has a reason.
We all dance in the light, bathe in self pity and strive to be free.
In my quiet isolations
I can see you, you, and me,
every star and grain of sand
and when I become very quiet,
I can even reach out and touch
infinity’s hand.

-Joe Sala

Copyright © 2004 Sala Brothers. All rights reserved.