The New Album from the Sala Brothers:

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Jazz Compilation Tracks

1. Bye Bye Blackbird 4:43

2. Parker's Mood 5:21

3. Footprints 8:01

4. Until Forever 5:51

5. Eternal Flight 8:50

6. Life's Walk 9:28

7. Life's Loves 6:13

Joe Sala Trumpet (all tracks) 1. Bye Bye Blackbird
Tom Sala Drums (all tracks) 2. Parker's Mood
Bob Sheppard Tenor Sax - 4,5 3. Footprints
Bobby Pierce Piano - 1,2,3 (Vocal on 2) 4. Until Forever
Tom Warrington Bass - 1,2,3 5. Eternal Flight
Alan Pasqua Piano - 4,5 6. Life's Walk
Dave Carpenter Bass - 4,5 7. Life's Loves
John Beasley Piano - 6
Bob Harrison Bass - 6
John Pena Bass - 7
Dave Goldblatt Keyboards /Synthesizers - 7
Joe Rotondi Keyboards /Synthesizers - 7
Phil Upchurch Guitar - 7

Compositions by Joe Sala 4,5,6,7 ( BMI )
All Arrangements by Joe Sala
Produced by Joe & Tom Sala

This album is not only an homage to the great jazz masters and post-bop era of the 60s and 70s, but Joe and Tom's fresh, honest approach to this music displays their prodigious creativity, dexterity, imagination and heart."

-- Bobby Pierce, Jazz Pianist
(Toured extensively with Sonny Stitt,
Gene Ammons and James Moody)

"Joe Sala solos absolutely exquisitely....we get a true understanding of Sala's mastery. The connection between his playing and writing demonstrate his intimate understanding of the bop and post bop traditions. Tom Sala, a great drummer, has tremendous technique, but more importantly, he uses it to express his tremendous musicianship. He provides sensitive support throughout the album -- on each of the solos and during ensembles. Bob Sheppard and Alan Pasqua (demonstrate) their musical mastery...artful composing and soloing of Joe Sala."

-- Winthrop Bedford, Jazz Improv Magazine

"Submerged in a deep groove..... Joe Sala is ever the lead voice of the quintet, saxophonist Bob Sheppard compliments Sala's tone and clarity of his improvisational logic. musician trading ideas with the other for a synergism that enlarges upon them. All the members of the Sala's group contribute so strongly to its overall sound, that the quintet emerges as one with its own distinct sound. .....Tom Sala's surging omnipresence an essential characteristic of each track. Sala's trumpet soloing just keeps on coming as it brims with rapid-firing thought and bristles with stylishness. .......It's title describes what was heard "Colors & Shades" mostly of rich, complex hues drawn with contrast between light and dark. .....Controlled propulsiveness combining tension with, strangely enough, simultaneous relaxation."

-- Bill Donaldson, Cadence Magazine

"More than exceptional........."

-- Harvey Siders, Jazz Times Magazine

"Joe and Tom Sala lead a stellar quintet in a program of Joe's compositions. He's captured the rhythmic essence of Art Blakey, the soulful lyricism of Horace Silver and the dynamic fire of Freddie Hubbard....... They drive straight-ahead with characteristic fire. ........Highly recommended for all fans of mainstream jazz."

-- Jim Santella, L.A. Jazz Scene Paper

"Strong solos... a musical sympatico that only years of playing together can produce."

-- Anne Farnsworth, All About Jazz Magazine

"The Sala Brothers CD is right up there on the mainstream/cutting edge of today's music called jazz. Bob Sheppard and Alan Pasqua with them make for exciting listening and contemplative pleasure."

-- Bruce Tater, KETR-FM 88.98

"The Sala Bros. are outstanding and a great bunch of tunes as well."

-- Steve Hahn Music Dir. KUAZ-FM 89.1

"Swinging and totally inventive."

-- Vince Outlaw KSDS-FM 88.3

"Joe Sala wrote great compositions that attest to his strong sense of harmony, thoughtful phrasings, power, and subtlety. The Sala Brothers have their fingers on the pulse of modern post-bop jazz while paying homage to its forefathers and past traditions. They've definitely connected with the past, present, and future of the hard bop style of jazz."

-- Paula Edelstein, All Music Guide

Liner Notes

The Sala brothers were born in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Long Island as young children.

Joe discovered his true calling, trumpet, at the age of eleven. Tom began drums at the age of ten. Joe, a young trumpet protégé, won numerous music awards including First Trumpet, New York State Orchestra.

As teenagers, Joe & Tom were already working musicians developing their musical vocabulary. They attended Berklee School of Music in Boston. They continued their career by playing with such artists as Gary Burton, Victor Feldman, Tom Harrell, Eddie Harris, Cedar Walton, John Scofield, Billy Higgins and Al Jarreau to name a few.

When I first had the opportunity to play with Joe, what struck me about his playing was his beautiful fat tone, swinging soulful approach, strong sense of harmony and thoughtful phrasing. What struck me about Tom’s playing was his power, yet at the same time, his restraint and subtlety. I have worked with Joe and Tom throughout the years and was always impressed with the thoughtfulness they apply to their music. “OUT OF THE BLUE” is a bit tongue-in-cheek and does not describe the life of these two artists, who have paid their dues and put years of hard work into their craft.

Particularly impressive throughout this effort is Joe and Bob Sheppard’s passion, strength and superb tone. All the solos on this recording are highly evolved. Colors and shades epitomizes the playing of pianist Alan Pasqua. Dave Carpenter’s ardent and artistic bass work lays down a firm foundation. Tom fuels the music to a higher level. The interplay among all the musicians seems effortless. Joe’s compositions are superb.

This album is not only an “homage” to the great jazz masters and post-bop era of the 60s and 70s, but Joe and Tom’s fresh, honest approach to this music displays their prodigious creativity, dexterity, imagination and heart.

Bobby Pierce / Jazz Pianist
Toured extensively with Sonny Stitt, Gene Ammons and James Moody. Performed with Art Blakey, the Brecker Brothers and Tom Scott to name a few.

(Bobby Pierce has received a 5-star rating two times in Downbeat magazine and is listed in 7 music history books including Leonard Feather’s “Who’s Who” and 2 volumes of “Listen For The Jazz” by Anna Bishop)

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